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Latest from Unturned Update Notes

Craftable Stat Counters: You can now use your Crafting Materials introduced from the previous update to make Stat Counter tools! These can be attached to any weapon skin in your inventory to begin tracking your prowess with that item, for example how many players you've killed with it. You can then ... Read more

Posted by: Nelson Update Notes

Update Notes: Additions: Added ability to salvage marketable cosmetics and skins for Crafting Materials. Added basic server->client UI formatting. Added barricade and structure salvage requested events for plugins. Improvements: Improved NPC error logging to suggest missing values. Improved objects ... Read more

Posted by: SDGNelson Patch Notes

Greece Patch Notes: Additions: Added 3 more beach locations with boat spawns. Added airdrop nodes. Added animal spawns. Added the lighthouse to the map. Added new doors to the faction bases. Tweaks: Changed all item IDs from 30## to 35##. Fixes: Fixed Navigation for zombies on Tent #1. Fixed invisib... Read more

Posted by: Nelson Update Notes

Welcome to Greece: It's a holiday miracle: a brand new large survival map set in Greece from the team that brought you Hawaii! http://cdn.edgecast.steamstatic.com/steamcommunity/public/images/clans/6119952/c5a6173cefa531e0f666112403dec2daf630051d.png Now available to play in-game, Greece is launchin... Read more

Posted by: SDGNelson

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