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Farming Crops

Wed Aug 19, 2015 12:04 pm



In Unturned players have the ability to plant seeds which in turn they can grow food from. A key to survival is creating self sustaining produce which one can access whenever they need.

It is best to use a planter to grow food as it grows at an increased rate compared to regular soil. Planters can be crafted from:

► 1 x Fertilizer
► 5 x Wooden boards (of same type)[/list]

They can also be found near farm spawns.

How to collect seeds?

Players can find seeds when looting - either at farms, botanist shop (Alberton PEI), or from raiding other users storage
Quick Fact: Putting a rotten vegetable into your crafting table will produce 1 seed whereas fresh vegetables will produce 2 seeds.

Using seeds

Players need to equip the seeds, and can simply then place them on either fertile soil or into a planter. Again we recommend using planters (faster growth).
Quick Fact: Seeds do not require sunlight to grow, so if you have a well hidden base you can keep them inside

Growth time

The time it takes for seeds to fully develop into harvest-able crops varies. It takes from 10-14 minutes.
The time for the crop to grow can be "skipped" using Fertilizer. It will instantly produce a full grown crop, however it is a rare item in Unturned. It can be found in botanist shops in PEI or crafted. To craft fertilizer you need:

► 1 x rope
► 1 x cloth

This produces 3 x Fertilizer.

Quick Fact: These rates are for seeds planted in regular fertile soil. Planters will be quicker.

Protecting Crops

The following will damage your crops:

► Zombies
► Shooting at crops
► Melee attacks at crops
► Grenades/Explosions

Quick Fact: Stepping on, running over, or jumping on crops does not produce damage.


Harvest fully grown crops using "F", and you will see a vegetable spawn which you can place in your inventory. You can either store the vegetable as is, eat it or place it in your crafting table to yield more seeds (2).

Quick Fact: If you place vegetables into storage/vault they will not go rotten over time.

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