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Surviving Yukon

Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:13 am

Yukon : Surviving the cold

When playing the Yukon Map, you need a full set of clothes when you spawn, including a hat to stop you from freezing to death. The other way around this is upgrading your warmblooded skill in the skill menu. If you do not find clothes, you will definitely die.

Quick Fact: If you are playing in Grand Survival Yukon by nofearzzgaming use /kit starter , and you will be equipped with some essential clothing!

Gearing Up

Yukon does not have as much available loot as PEI, due to the lack of houses/buildings/areas which PEI had in abundance.
Yukon has a large abundance of pine trees (only), which in turn you can use to craft wood gear, makeshift rifles etc. In the 'Off Limits' area zombies there tend to drop eaglefires, so take note and head over there.

Necessities: Food and Water

Again unlike PEI, there is alot less loot/items around to find, and if you found berries maybe you shouldn't eat them! When it comes to food, the best way to make sure you have a sufficient source would be to farm it yourself. Since Yukon is set in snow and ice, you will find there is no regular soil to plant in, and you are required to farm your seeds with planters.

Alot of the water in Yukon is from due to the climate. However if you have a canteen there are a few wells you can refill them at.
Quick Fact: One well is located at Kluane Lake.

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