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Zombies Tips 'n Tricks for Unturned 3

Sat Jul 23, 2016 1:32 pm

Zombies Information

Zombies are the enemy in Unturned 3, they are hostile in the game and therefore if they see you they try and simply kill you. There are different types of Zombies but also there are tricks to outrun them.

Walker Zombies:
Most Common Zombies

Outrunning Tip: To Kill the Walker Zombie Simply, punch and go back two steps and keep repeating that.

Sprinter Zombies:
Aren't that common but they have fast movement but less health and damage.

Outrunning Tip: To Kill the Sprinter Zombie, use any melee weapon right click to give him a strong hit and than 2-punch him.

Radioactive Zombies:
They have green glowy eyes and once killed they explode.

Outrunning Tip: Don't get too close to these because they spread radiation, so if possible use some kind of weapon not a melee to kill him, simply headshot him and once you know when his going to explode run.

Flanker Zombies:
They cloak themselves when they are alarmed, and attack players from behind.

Outrunning Tip: Remember these Zombies are stealthy that's why you need to be more careful, if you know there's a flanker zombie, approach him by going prawn, once you know he see's you punch him or use any melee weapon to take advantage.

Burner Zombies:
Once Killed Burner zombies explode in flames, and also spread the flames to other zombies.

Outrunning Tip: Same as the radioactive zombies once explode instead they spread radioactive, they spread fire that is even worse, so melee weapon him until you know that his going down at like the last hit, once you know that go or close to a vehicle so he gets attracted to it or try and shoot if from a long-distance.

Acid Zombies:
Acid zombies spit acid balls and if they hit the player it his close to the acid puddle he takes damage.

Outrunning Tip: Simply just evade their spits and puddles and you can easily take advantage by jumping around and punching the zombie.

Mega Zombies:
Mega Zombies are the faster, stronger and better Zombies from all the Zombie List. They even throw boulders from a long distance!

Outrunning Tip: Well Mega Zombies are the strongest,fastest and they throw boulders, so you pretty much can't really fight him with a melee, it's better to have like a Maplestrike fully loaded, because once attracted from a long distance he'll throw you boulders and from close he does alot of melee damage.

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Re: Zombies Tips 'n Tricks for Unturned 3

Sat Jul 23, 2016 2:37 pm

Good tips! The new zombies are proving to be a challenge for some! :D

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